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Mid-Autumn Celebration 2019


The event was held in hopes of bringing together the community

The Mid-Autumn Celebration was brought to you by Teladan Setia for the first time on 7th September 2019 at the Bali Residences Sales Gallery. Bali Residences is a serviced apartment project inspired by the Balinese relaxation experience and is expected to be completed in 2022.

The event was held in hopes of bringing together the community, as staff, purchasers, associates, friends and family came together for a wonderful night filled with food, prizes and joy. To make it more fun, tents and stages were set up for games, riddles, as well as performances; guests were even able to taste mooncakes at the mooncake counter, win vouchers and beautiful lanterns for their children.

We are thrilled to have had such an amazing time with everyone and we hope to see you again the next time!
Bukit Intan Commercial Centre
Bukit Intan, Negeri Sembilan
Taman Impiana Kesang
Jasin, Melaka
Taman Bertam Putra
Residential | Commercial
Sungai Udang, Melaka
Taman Desa Bertam 3
Sungai Udang, Melaka
Bali Residences
Residential | Commercial
Melaka Tengah, Melaka